Take Notice

Here are some images of what the staff of RaLET have taken notice of lately. When we take notice, we are aware of the wonderful world around us, our thoughts and how we are feeling. Have look out your window or sit in your garden and take notice of your surroundings. Perhaps you could draw what you see and think about how that makes you feel? Don’t forget to share these drawings as well as your rainbow moments with us by sending them to raletwellbeing2020@ralet.ie

Below is a video montage of what some of the students of RaLET have been doing to take notice of the world around them. 

We received some lovely rainbow moments. They are a reminder to us that every day may not be good, but there is something good in everyday.

Evan in Junior Infants took time to draw the scenery he could see from his window.












Here is a well-being poem written by Luke in 2nd Class.