Keep Learning

The staff of RaLET have been busy learning how to do lots of fun new things – baking, knitting, drawing, painting and outdoor art. Learning new things can help to boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. Show us what new things you have learned to do. Maybe you could teach someone at home a new skill or set yourself a challenge?

There were lots of lovely emails sent in about the different ways that boys, girls and adults were continuing to learn….

Luke, in 2nd class, has been working on his drawing.













Jeremiah, in Senior Infants, has been learning how to play solitaire.  His mammy helped him to learn and then they both taught Jeremiah’s little brother how to play.

Lucas, Jack and Sofia have been doing science experiments with their dad who is a scientist.

Darcy, in 4th class, is learning strength and conditioning exercises by doing Joe Wicks exercise classes every morning. You can find him on YouTube. His channel is BodyCoach TV.

Ruaidhrí, in 4th class, is baking with his mam and learning new recipes.

Luke, in 2nd class, and his dad are doing school work together. They said that they make a great team.

Shannon in 6th class has been learning to make bath bombs. They look great. Have a look at the collage below.


Krishiv in 5th class has started a coding camp with Fingal Libraries and Academy of code, making healthy lunches, learning how to use Outlook and learning to send emails.

Vivienne in 1st and William in Senior Infants have been teaching their mum to speak Gaeilge and helping their dad to front flip on the trampoline.

Adam, 1st class and Dylan, in 6th class, have been doing online music lessons, playing together and have been drawing and baking with their family.


Here is a lovely post by Meabh in 4th Class and she gave lots of examples of how she kept learning.

 Harriharan has been helping his family to learn by teaching them about Mars and aircrafts. He also said that he loves teaching AND learning.

Ethan, in 5th class,  has started learning the piano on his iPad.

Kallan, in 6th class, has been learning how to do keep-ups with his family. They’ve all gotten on great!


Colm, in Senior Infants, has been practising his drawing.