Giving to others can give us a feeling of community and connectedness with others around us. It can help us to feel good about ourselves. It doesn’t always have to be about giving money or goods, we can give our time, our words, our gratitude and our presence to others.

Over the past few weeks, the staff of RaLET have been giving to others in different ways…
Amy ran 5km, donated €5 to charity and nominated five of her friends and family to do the same!
Maeve has been kindly helping her neighbours by dropping shopping to their front door.
Marian has been volunteering with the Civil Defence and helping out in her area.
Christine has had a root through her wardrobe and gathered some unwanted clothes to donate to charity.

These are just some of the things that the RaLET staff have been doing to help out. What can you do at home to help out? Maybe you could phone someone to cheer them up?

This Thursday at 11am, we encourage the whole RaLET community to pause and think about what we are grateful for and who we can thank in our lives. Even though we may be apart, we are all in this together and will be joined by gratitude in these moments. Don’t forget to send us your photos by emailing

We received some really beautiful examples of how boys and girls in the school have been giving their time, their words and their thoughts. We also loved how many people showed how they were grateful.

This is a letter from Dylan in 6th class.














Shannon, in 6th Class, wrote a lovely letter to the extraordinary workers in Lidl who ensure that food is kept on the shelves for us all.

Jeremiah, in Senior Infants, wrote a beautiful letter to front-line workers.













Sophia, in 2nd class, and Róisín in Senior Infants, designed posters to inspire and thank others.










Evan in Junior Infants drew this lovely poster.












Sadhbh, Callum and Fiadh have also been busy designing posters to say thank you to front-line workers.






This is a poster from Adam in 1st class.