Student Council

Student Council

Hi everybody, we are RALET’s Student Council!

We would like to tell you about what we do as the Student Council and why we think it is important.

The Student Council is a group of students, two from 1st-5th class and three from 6th class. There are 23 children children in total. We represent the other children in the school and are a voice for them. Any ideas or concerns that the other children have can be brought to the Student Council meetings.

We decide who is going to be on the Student Council by having an election. First we find out who wants to be on the Student Council. If someone wants to be on it, they give a speech to their class explaining why they think they would be good on the SC. Then all the children in the class vote.

The Student Council have different responsibilities. Firstly we are in charge of all the yard equipment. We make sure it goes out before lunch and comes back in after lunch. We also organise special events and raise money for different charities. We also make decisions that help make the school a better place for everyone.

We think that the SC is good because it gives our principal and teachers the point of view of the children.