6th Class Winter Wowser

Just before the winter break, both 6th Classes performed some songs and a play for their parents. It took place in the hall at Lusk Community College. Sinéad’s class performed a play called “Are You New Here?” and Marian’s class performed a play called Tír na nÓg. Both plays were thoroughly enjoyed by parents. You can check out the excellent performances below. Special thanks to Lucas McKittrick from Sinéad’s class for doing such a great job of the filming!

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January Assemblies

4th Class led the January assemblies and did a super job. This month’s themes were “Success” and “Equality and Inclusion”. Sarah’s class were in charge of “Success” and they talked about successful people like Lionel Messi, Martin Luther King and Oprah Winfrey. They did a quiz to test everyone’s listening skills and this was good fun. Melissa from Sinéad’s 6th Class won! Gráinne 5th Class sang a nice rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing” and Amy’s 5th Class shared stories about their own successes. 

Laura’s Class were in charge of the “Equality and Inclusion” part of the assembly. Amelie from Laura’s class shared her story about her brother, which was really interesting. Marian’s 6th Class gave examples of situations where people weren’t included and asked all classes to discuss these. Well done to all involved, it was another valuable assembly. 

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Happy Holidays

Have a lovely winter break, and see you all in 2023!!

Colorful lettering Happy Holidays with decorative seasonal design elements. For banners, cards, posters and invitations.

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November Assemblies: Cooperation & Light and Dark

The November assemblies were held this week. The themes were “Cooperation” and “Light and Dark”. Light and Dark was our Learn Together theme for this month and our value of the month was Cooperation. Cooperation is such an important part of being in school. Working as a team is vital in any school, for children and teachers alike. TEAM means “Together Everyone Achieves More”. Light is such an important symbol for religions across the world and light sustains all life on earth. This assembly celebrated both. 

5th Class were in charge of these assemblies and both Amy’s and Gráinne’s class did a brilliant job in presenting them. There were cooperation games, videos, songs and artwork.Well done to all involved. 

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