Junior Entrepreneur Programme 2020

The Junior Entrepreneur Programme is well and truly under way in 6th Class. The Junior Entrepreneur Programme (JEP) is a 12-16 week entrepreneurial education programme for primary school children. The ideas was developed in Ireland and the programme opens the minds of pupils to the joy of entrepreneurship while developing a number of skills including presentation, drawing, research skills, numeracy, financial planning and calculations, consumer awareness and market research, creative thinking, problem solving, team work and collaboration skills.
During the programme the children taking part propose a number of ideas, with one of these being chosen as a class business. The class pick the top five ideas and there is a “Dragon’s Den” style presentation day, where local business people and other school personnel sit on a panel of judges who listen to five groups pitch five different business ideas. The judges/dragons ask questions and deliberate to decide on the winning idea. 

The programme also has a significant impact on building confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem, and an appreciation of individual skills and talents of each child.

Check out the Junior Entrepreneur Programme for more information. www.juniorentrepreneur.ie/howitworks/

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