The Green School Committee made a video to highlight the importance of recycling. The film was made as part of our Global Citizenship – Litter and Waste theme! The school have been doing lots of work on Global Citizenship throughout the year. 




We use technology for maths activities across the school. Junior infants use the IWB and online materials for sorting games and counting games. 1st and 2nd class use interactive technology to help explain new concepts and to play shape and space games. 3rd to 6th use technology to play times tables games and other mental maths games such as “Countdown”. Many of our higher ability children use “Khan Academy” on the computers at the back our their classrooms. 

3rd Class used the laptop trolley to spend a few weeks working on a biodiversity game called “The Big Farm” game, where they had to manage a farm and build it. They grew crops and sold them at the market. It was an unique insight into the dynamics behind the running of a farm. The kids really loves the game.

Scratch Programming

4th Class did an ten-week course of lessons using “Scratch”.