Green School Action Day 2017

On Thursday 16th March we held our Green-Schools Day of Action at Ralet on our current Green-Schools theme which is Global Citizenship – Litter and Waste. The action that we took as a whole school was for each individual to design and create a piece of clothing or a piece of artwork using recycled materials. Pupils, along with the help of their parents, got really imaginative and reused materials in creative ways. The green- friendly items that were made varied greatly, from masks, hats, dresses, bags, gloves and jewellery to signs, jet-packs and more abstract pieces. After little break our whole school assembled in the yard and classes took it in turns to walk across a runway, modelling or carrying the recycled item that they had made. Afterwards we held a small raffle to recognise and reward all of the effort that our pupils put into this project over the last few weeks.

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