Student Council News June 2018

The Student Council have worked really hard this year. They have been great at attending lunch time meetings and ensuring that the children’s opinions and concerns have been heard in our school. Since January, the Student Council have been taking lots of action and writing letters to outside authorities to get their voices heard.

First of all, there is an issue with litter coming into our school from the building next door. The Student Council decided to write a letter to the people next door to ask them to mind their litter as it was blowing into our school. We made a suggestion to them to get more bins. We are still waiting on a reply.

The Student Council also wrote a letter to our local TD’s about the delay on our new school building. The letter explained how disappointed the children feel about this – especially our Fourth Class pupils as they were supposed to be the first Sixth Class in the new building.

On a brighter note, the student council composed a shopping list for new yard equipment which has been purchased. The Student Council also came up with some fun activities for Sports Day J

We would like to thank each and every member of the Student Council this year and we hope you enjoyed the experience.

Jenny, Deborah & Fiona O’Brien