General Information

The RaLET Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)


Who we are …

All parents in the school are members of the PTA but a committee elected at the annual AGM meets once per month to discuss important school news and to be a voice for the parents. We support the school by organising events for the children, parents, staff and wider communities of Rush & Lusk; fundraising; organising after school activities; helping out in the drop off zone in the mornings; and communicating with both teachers and staff.


We welcome input from everyone in the school and are always open to new ideas. We are always looking for people to get involved too so if you would like to do so, please get in touch.



Chair Wendy Clohessy

Vice Chair Meg Walker

Secretary Melanie Donald

Treasurer Ann Nolan

Principal Trish Hurley

Teachers Simon McConkey, Aine Ryan, Margaret Hennessy and Anne Wearen

Committee members Tricia Lynch, Karolina McKittrick, Sinead Culbert, Debbie Costigan, Yvonne Chaney, Samantha Mulligan, and Miriam Campbell



If you would like to propose a new class, or have any suggestions, please contact our after school co-ordinator, Ann O’Donoghue at or on 01 843 0525.


Catholic classes

Lisa Turnbull and Carol Reid alongside the PTA run Catholic classes for students interested in making their communion (1st/2nd class) or confirmation (5th/6th class). These are held in the school building outside of normal school hours. Class fees depend on the number of children taking part in the classes each year, but can be paid in two instalments – the first of which is due at the start of the school year, the second due in January. If you would like further information, please contact Lisa Turnbull on 086 406 0276 or Carol Reid on 086 395 9067.