Trish’s Retirement Assembly

Our principal Trish retired at the end of June and the school had a big assembly to celebrate all the great things about her. The whole school gathered in the hall of Lusk Community College and each year group did a little party piece about Trish. It was a sad but also a happy day, where we wished Trish all the best in her retirement. We will miss you Trish and thanks a million for looking after us so well over the last few years! Check out some snippets of the assembly below, you may even see Trish playing the ukulele at the end!


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Active Flag Raising

Dermot Higgins ( GoGoDermo), who retired from RaLET last year, came in to raise our Active Flag. It was a really proud moment for all the kids in the school, especially for those involved in the Active Schools Committee. 


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The R.A.L.E.T Anthem

The Ukulele Group have written their own song called “The R.A.L.E.T. Anthem“. Check out their video below and sing the RaLET song!!


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Green Day of Action

We had a special visitor to the school on Wednesday 2nd May. Duncan Steward came to see us and talk to the boys and girls all about sustainable living. Duncan also gave a talk to parents, grandparents and minders, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The Green School also launched their own website:


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