Junior Infants – Joanna

We have settled into Junior Infants really well here in Joanna’s class.
In September we were learning all about “Myself” and we had great fun looking at ourselves in mirrors to make self-portraits! ( photo 1).
We loved learning about doctors and hospitals and even had a toy hospital in our small world area in Aistear. (photo 2)
We had a visitor in our class too- Christopher’s mammy came in to tell us all about being a nurse and we were full of questions! (photo 3)
In October we learnt all about Autumn and autumn festivals like harvest and Halloween.
We loved making autumn pictures using all the leaves we found and looking at acorns and fir cones in our science investigation area but our favourite thing in October was the Halloween activities we got to do with our buddies in Darragh’s 6th class- we had so much fun doing apple bobbing and sharing breac!