Festive Assembly

On the 21st of December, the senior classes went to the hall for an assembly. Before it officially began, we watched a video of Newgrange during the solstice. At the first part, we had a lecture about winter holidays for people of all different religions. The next chunk of time in the hall was not as serious. Various classes sang songs and recited poems and one class put on a play for us, starring our old mascot, Sillias Sock. Some of the lucky winners of the raffle were announced, and if they were in one of the junior classes, we had to collect them from their classes to choose their prize. After the assembly, the yard schedule was all messed up. However, it was all worth it to hear so many uplifting songs and powerful poetry and of course, the puppet show. It was a great day!

By Emma Gleeson, age 9, Simon’s 3rd Class

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