Louise’s 2nd Class

 Here’s Duncan Stewart visiting our classroom a few weeks ago! We were delighted to meet a famous person and hear all of the things he had to say about sustainable living. 
We went to Rush Beach to do a litter pick-up and filled lots of bags with all sorts of rubbish.
Spot the flying welly!! We had a super fun day during active week doing novelty races and games in the pitch beside our school. 
We have had lots of active maths lessons lately, here’s a picture of us getting messy with water! 
 Here’s some of us presenting our country projects to the class. We put lots of work in to these and were delighted our Mums and Dads came in to see them!
Everyone in this photo is proud of their certificates that Trish gave out, for not missing any days at school last term!


Photo 1: Second class got term 1 off to a tasty start with a ‘breakfast from around the world’. Everyone brought in delicious food from lots of countries and we had breakfast together. Yum!

Photo 2: Here’s a photo of one of our cool experiments from Science Week. We carried out lots of different experiments using magnets, fingerprints, paper towers and even skittle sweets. In this experiment, we are testing how much air our lungs hold!

Photo 3: In December we did projects about Christmas in different countries around the world and this photo shows some of us presenting them at an assembly in the hall before we got our holidays! We also learnt how to say ‘Merry Christmas’ in lots of different languages.

Photos 4: We have done lots of fun art in Second Class and here’s a picture of us doing stencil rubbings using chalk pastels to make a city skyline. First we drew the stencils with the buildings of different heights, then we rubbed coloured chalk over the top of the stencil to give the skyline effect. The end result was fabulous! We are all great artists in second class!

Photo 5: We worked in groups on a creative writing activity to create our own stories based on animal characters we invented ourselves. Some of us were writers and some of us were illustrators. We worked as a team to put the whole story together and presented it to the whole class. We also plan on visiting other classes in the school to read the stories to other children!

Second class have had a busy month of February. We took part in a ‘virtual cycle’ around Ireland inspired by Trócaire, to accompany Dermot on the last leg of his global journey!
Here’s a picture of some of us having fun in a drama lesson when we made a sketch for advertising a favourite toy.
We are making super progress in violin class and here is a picture of us in action!
We are continuing to enjoy Maths stations every Friday, with lots of fun games and active maths.
We learned all about shopping local and sustainable shopping this month in Learn Together and we filled this shopping trolley with lots of eco-friendly items!