Joanna’s Junior Infants

Our Aistear themes for May/June are dinosaurs and space.  We had great fun playing with rockets and spaceships  in small world and making our own dinosaur art! We even had a visitor to our dinosaur  museum and we told Trish all  about them !
Our tour to imaginosity was brilliant! We were chefs in the cafe, checkout assistants, doctors, builders and mechanics for the day. We even acted our our own play in the theatre! Definitely  ready for senior infants in September now!!
Photo 1- We found out all about the different kinds of minibeast and made them using playdough. What a lovely minibeast garden it made in our class!
Photo 2- We went out on a minibeast hunt around the school grounds. We found a worm, a bee, a fly, an ant and a spider. We even kept out pet worm for a few days in the class and called him Sebastian!
Photo 3-We all had a go at minibeast art and made a fab minibeast collage for the hall outside. Can you spot all the different kinds of minibeast?
Photo 4- We even used minibeasts to learn the days of the week using the story The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle one of our favourite authors.
Photo- 5 – We also tried out planting seeds and had great fun getting our hands dirty!!
IWhat a lot of minibeasts madness!!


WE had great fun learning abut our bodies in our doctors surgery….. and playing with our toy hospital

We made our own Gruffalo land to act out the story
Our Autumn leaf pictures
Apple bobbing for Halloween
Splashing around with our sea creatures- thanks so much to the PTA for all our new Aistear toys!
 WE read the story Sharing a shell??
Our class theme for February was people who help us. We have loads of fun learning all about it!

Pic 1 – having fun with noodles and chopsticks for Chinese new year.

Pic 2- our police men and detectives hard at work.
Pic 3- playing in our small world area with ambulances, fire stations and post offices.
Pic 4- going shopping for the snow at ralet stores- sliced pan anyone?
Pic 5 – our own Going on a bear hunt! -our new favourite story come to life.