Deirdre’s 5th Class

5th Class News 

5th class have measured out our K-a-Day track using the trundle wheels in Maths class. The fitness levels continue to rise in the class with some people aiming to run half a kilometre without stopping and others going for the full kilometre! We run every MondayWednesday and Friday, when the weather lets us. 
Our Class Meal 
We had a class meal in January to celebrate good team work! Lots of people brought in different foods to share and we tasted many delicious dishes from many different parts of the world. Some savory dishes included tandoori chicken, chickpeas, freshly baked bread, olives, chorizo and banana bread! We also ate lots of sweet dishes like Milk tarts, Victoria sponge cake, iced buns and many, many more!  It was great to sit down and share the meal together. 
Endangered Animals 
We have spent the month researching endangered animals such as the Giant Panda, the Peacock Tarantula, Tortoises, Seals, Sea Lions and many more. We learned about threats to the species such as deforestation, pollution, war, hunting, poaching and over fishing. We also looked at different conservation efforts across the globe. Everyone in our class presented a fantastic project and Iona’s second class and Aodhán’s fifth class came to view our projects and ask us questions about the various animals. 
Perspective in Art 
In art we have been learning how to use one point perspective in our drawing and atmospheric perspective using paint. You can see from our pictures that as objects approach the horizon they appear to get smaller. Also, you can see that colours fade in the distance. These two techniques are used to show distance and make our pictures look very life like! 
Each painting represents a different journey.