Aodhán’s 5th Class

RaLET has gone Active Schools fever and our class is no different. In the first term we set and achieved distance running targets and now that’s it’s not so slippy, the running will be returning on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Talent Show
The class held a really enjoyable talent show where we showed off our amazing array of talents, which included art lessons, gymnastic routines; science experiments, engineering works, martial art and magic tricks.

In Gaeilge class we’ve been busy using as much Irish as we can by creating dramas, comics and character profiles.

Abstract Art
Our class took over the school’s art board for January, and Project Manager Hollyann Robinson put together a great display made up of different pieces of Abstract Art. She choose a variety of works to illustrate how we can use non-representational and non-traditional forms to express ourselves.

Inspiring Women
After studying Gender Balance and Representation each student chose a woman from history that they found an inspiring pioneer or role model. We’re putting the final touches to our projects at the moment, and inviting lots of different classes from around the school in to view our work and to talk to us about our choices.