Amy’s Senior Infants

June 2018



We love the Titanic! We have been learning lots about the Titanic and some of us even built the Titanic at home using Lego. During Aistear,  we got really creative and built the Titanic out of some boxes. It was loads of fun! In April we planted some peas. We hope that we can plant them in our school garden really soon! We have loved watching them grow and taking care of them.While exploring the number 10, we read the story 10 Black Dots. We then worked together to create some pictures using 10 circles just like they did in the story!

We have been busy in Amy’s Senior Infants working in the Post Office where we have been writing and sending letters, weighing parcels and delivering post. In Aistear, we have also been constructing some towers and lots of other building in our town. During Maths we learned about 2D Shapes and we created some fantastic buildings!


In Aistear we have been exploring the day in the life of a fire fighter and also a trip to the pet shop in our roleplay area. The children have done a fantastic job acting out the different roles of fire fighters, customers and shopkeepers while also putting out fires and taking care of the pets. In English we have been reading and doing a lot of work on the story ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’. We really enjoyed using the stick puppets to retell the story!

During the month of March we celebrated Languages. We all talked about different languages we speak at home and in school. In our class,?? we speak 7 different languages! We decided to learn a new language which was Spanish. It was really fun to learn a Spanish song and some Spanish words. We hope you enjoy our Spanish and Gaeilge rhymes.