Áine’s Junior Infants

We have been First class wrote their own books! They very kindly visited Junior Infants to read their stories to us. We absolutely loved them especially as we have been learning about what an author and illustrator is.

We have started doing gymnastics in P.E. We have been learning to balance, climb, roll and use good posture. We know that we have to listen really well during gymnastics time so that we can all have fun and be safe at the same time!

We are working hard to win our Active School flag. Between lessons, we get up and do some exercise to have us wide awake for the next lesson. We love dancing to GoNoodle, practicing mindfulness and we have also started doing the Operation Transformation 10 at 10.

We love maths!!! We work so hard every day in maths and we are learning so much. We love doing fun things like measuring, making patterns, sorting, counting and practicing all these skills through maths activities and games.

During the month of April, we learned all about healthy eating and staying active. We talked about how important it is to look after our bodies and to try and eat lots of different types of foods to give us  energy! We also tried out lots of fun new activities. You can see from the photographs that we have been learning how to skip. Its very tricky but we had our 6th class buddies on hand to help us. Maybe we could show off our skipping skills at home? We have also been practising our balancing on the outdoor equipment which was lots of fun. 

During Active School week, we had some coaches come in to teach us some new skills. Kevin taught us some really fun dances and he was very impressed by our moves. Ciarán taught us some new soccer skills and we played some really fun games to practise these skills. Finally, Deborah, Gráinne, Jenny and Darragh organised some really cool activities in the field. We had sack races, welly throwing, relays, water races and parachute games. We were tired out by the end of it but we had lots of giggles! Thanks also to the Transition year students from Lusk Community College who also helped us with the activities.

The most important things is that we realised that exercising can be so much fun!