Senior Infants – Amy

We had great fun dressing up as our favourite characters at half term.
3D shapes are everywhere! We all made some fantastic buildings.
We discovered that you can find 2D shapes within 3D shapes and created some super pictures.
READ, READ, READ! Book week has been our favourite week so far. We got to create our own stories and make them into a movie. It was so much fun.
We have just started exploring some animals that live in Antarctica. We couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to create our own ‘Baby Shark’ music video during Aistear. We hope you enjoy it!

Beach Day was great fun! We loved building, digging and playing in the sand.
What does this smell like? It was great to explore our 5 senses during Harvest.
It was scrumptious!  Well done to the Garden Gang for the all delicious food during Harvest. Senior Infants certainly loved every bit!
Build, build, build! Look at our little engineers build during STEM Week.
Walking Water! As part of STEM Week we took part in the Science Fair. It was lots of fun talking to all the different classes about our experiment.