3rd to 6th Class


Subject: Suggested activities for 3rd-6th class:
Art Origami- choose a video from MP Easy Origami channel onYoutube (link below). Some are a lot easier than others. Challenge yourself. If you only have white paper use recycled materials, newspaper or create a pattern on the page before you fold it. 


Edible Portraits


Music Dabbledoo Music have kindly sent music links for parents for free: Here is the unique access link for parents and it includes our roll number: Content is updated regularly.


Take a silly singing lesson with ChoonBaboon:


Write a rap. There are some great beatbox backgrounds on Youtube to help you get started. Upload your rap to Seesaw so you teachers can hear your work. 

Make a Xylophone (Also on the Infants to 2nd class section. Full for all ages)


Drama Record a monologue (video or audio) – choose your favourite from the following list


Tongue twisters- Focus on accuracy, expression, projecting your voice and have fun!


Learn Together/  Stories from different cultures:

The Beauty of Difference- Origin Iran


How the old woman got her wish- Origin India 


The Boastful Tortoise- Origin The Philippines: 


Other Learn Together ideas:

‘Positivity Rocks’. Paint rocks and write positive messages on them e.g. Stay Safe, Be Kind, Smile etc. Place the rocks around your neighbourhood (e.g. on walls, pillars etc) for others to see as they 

walk by. Watch how happy people are when they spot one of your ‘Positivity Rocks!’. 

Thunk! Unusual Questions to make you think. 

There are NO right or wrong answers to these questions – simply YOUR answers. You do, however, need to think about your answers and be able to justify them – in other words, don’t say the first thing that comes into your head, AND, be prepared to fully explain your answers when you give them.


PE For specific skill ideas (skipping, throwing etc.) see the link below:



Create your own indoor physical fitness trail – this trail in the link is ‘ready-made’ but you can also create your own! https://blog.connectionsacademy.com/wp-content/uploads/Indoor_Gym_Activities_combined.pdf?_ga=2.25324986.669586924.1587295925-1417902917.1587295925

10 at 10 on YouTube/RTE Player (also as Gaeilge)



Continue to run, skip, jump or walk 1km a day you will have the equivalent of the Dublin marathon (42.195km) done by the end of term.