Physical Activity

Two more active yard games!

We have introduced two new games into the yard – Four Square and Twister! Have a look at these photos from today.

Four Square – Look at the queue of people who are keen to play!

Homemade Twister




December’s Skipathon and Penalty Shoot-out Against Santa Claus!

The Active School Committee worked hard with the Student Council to organise an active fundraiser. We were raising money for some more yard equipment, and got a lot of exercise in while doing it. Great way to finish off the term and start the holidays!

Check out these fantastic photos from our Skipathon:

And the photos from the Penalty Shoot-out are here: 

Winter Workout

The whole school has been working out in our classrooms every day for the month of December with our Winter Workout Calendar. We’ve uploaded the calendar so that you continue to use it throughout the holidays! Enjoy!

Maths and Science Week

We are in the middle of Maths & Science Week in RaLET this week (November 19th – 24th). As part of our week, we used the school grounds to do Maths Trails. Sixth Class went out with the Junior Infants this morning, and then, between the two breaks, third and fourth class were wandering around our school, solving maths problems and doing some moving. If you scroll through all these photos from Maths and Science Week, you’ll see the ones of the Maths Trails – you can’t miss the sixth class children working with the infants! 

K-A-Day: 5th Class

Since the beginning on the year, 5th Class have been doing a “K-A-Day” a few times a week. This is when the class goes for a jog, for about a kilometre, around the school playground. They’ve been really successful at improving their general fitness levels – and as you can see from these photos, they seem to really enjoy it. Keep up the good work 5th Class!

Look! We’ve just added a dance area to our yard!

This week (November 19th), we started dancing during yard. Every day, a set of bright red speakers are brought out onto the yard. Loads of cool tunes are played, and we dance away. Check out these photos – clearly we love it! 


Skipping Ropes on Yard

Although we’ve had skipping ropes on the yard for well over a year now, we have just moved them from the cobble lock area onto the road way. This is giving us loads of more space to skip up and down. We’ve been practising all the skills we learned from the skipping workshops we did last year. 

Wake ‘n’ Shake

We finished off half term with a fundraiser for Temple Street Children’s Hospital. We all dressed up, and then spent half an hour in the yard dancing away. The whole school learned the same dance from go noodle and off we went! You can check out our crazy costumes (and our crazy dance moves) here:

Temple Street Fundraiser 

Sixth Class Yard Leaders

In October, we introduced something new into our school. Every day, a few Sixth Class students go into the Junior Yard and play with the Junior and Senior Infants…the older students are teaching the younger ones games; there’s lots of running around and chasing, and they are spending time chatting and getting to know each other. We are not sure who is enjoying it more – the Infants, or the Sixth Class!