Health and Safety

The school has a Health and Safety policy which was reviewed by the Board of Management in 2017.

It is vital that you make the school aware of any medical conditions or allergies that your child might have. The school has a policy on Administration of Medication and there are particular procedures to be followed should a child need emergency medication in school. If you need to discuss the details further, please speak to the Principal and get the necessary forms.

The school comes under Area 8 of the HSE.

Junior infants are offered five-in-one booster vaccinations.

Children receive dental check-ups in second, fourth and sixth class.

Children in senior classes are vaccinated against Rubella.

In September a form is given out requesting the name of your family doctor and emergency phone-numbers. This information is for school-purposes only and for use in the case of accident and illness.

It is school policy that, if a child is judged to be genuinely unwell / has an accident needing special attention, the child should be collected at the earliest possible time.

Peanuts and foods containing peanuts are not allowed.

Head lice can be a problem in schools – check your child regularly.