5th Class – Anne

This term we have written letters to our French Pen Pals and they sent us back some delicious french biscuits.

In February we had a multicultural food day. We tasted food from many different countries and best of all, Saoirse and Claire set up their creperie and we had an amazing supply of crepes with a variety of toppings for everyone.

For the energy assembly in March we studied different types of renewable energy, made posters to explain the different types of renewable energy and presented them to the assembly audience.


We presented our project “The Mozart Effect” at the Primary Science Fair on Thursday 11th of January which we have been working on since November.  We split into five different teams in order to complete our research and investigations on time.   We had a research team, a poster design team, two testing teams and a presentation team.  We had a great day out on the day.  We got to visit other primary and secondary school projects, see some amazing science shows and  bring home lots of freebies from the many stands at the show.  We also received very valuable feedback from the judges and got a write up in the Irish Times!. Here are some pictures from the exhibition.


Anne’s fifth class have had a very busy 1st half term.  We’ve worked hard and also have had some fun days as well.  Beach day was the first outing of the year and despite the weather, as you can see from this picture we all enjoyed the day!  

We brought back lots of shells which we used to make our own seashell wind chimes.  Here’s a picture of Jennifer with hers

In September we all had a go at making Apple Roses with Apples from the school garden.  Here’s what went into the bowl.  After mixing them with brown sugar we wrapped the apple slices up in pastry and put them in the oven.

Harvest day was great and we got to taste lots of delicious home cooked food.  A big shout out to all the parents who did lots of work that day!

Science week was brilliant.  We did some science challenges every day, went on a STEM trail with the first class and showcased our Bubble Snake experiment at the Science Fair.   It was a great success!