4th Class – Fiona

4th class performed at the Peace Proms in February and had lots of fun.
We were learning all about energy in Learn Together and created posters about saving energy.
For Science we have been investigating how circuits work.
We learned all about the properties of 3D shapes in Maths and made shapes using nets.
We explored how people communicated in the past for History and we created futuristic communication devices for Art.


4th class are performing at the Peace Proms in February so we have been busy practicing and we had a rehearsal with other schools at the National Sports Centre. We learned about Andy Warhol and created pop art using logos. During book week 4th class brought in their favourite books and created new book covers for them. We learned all about the Aztecs and created headdresses. We used chalk to make winter scenes and snowflakes. 


4th class have been learning all about Italy and The Romans. We made Roman pots out of clay and Roman shields using cardboard. We completed Italian projects. We enjoyed STEM week and all the experiments at the science fair. We took a trip to the farm and learned all about Harvest.