3rd Class – Iona

3rd Class has been working for 10 weeks on Genius Hour projects. Everyone chose something they were passionate about and spent one hour each week working on this in school. The children all worked incredibly hard and showed such creativity in their work. We hope you enjoy the photo story.


1. We did viking projects at home and presented them in class.
2. We had a visitor talking to us about energy and we did experiments to learn about what energy is.
3. We baked Christmas cupcakes on the last week of term..delicious!! (2 photos)
4. 3rd class started GAA this term.
  1. We did a lava lamp experiment during Science Week  
  2. We collected apples to make crumbles for the Harvest festival.
  3. Constructing stone-age weapons.
  4. Playing Kahoot quiz on the laptops
  5. We made a maths trail for the junior infants and helped them find the answers.