2nd Class – Eva

We spent several weeks learning about China and the Chinese New Year. We completed amazing projects about China. Some of the boys and girls did fantastic posters while others made amazing models and crafts.

We were learning about heat energy as part of the Green school energy theme for the month. We did an experiment to show which material was the best for transferring heat and melting the butter. We also know a cool song about heat energy. Eva’s class also had the most points for the Green school class inspections !

We have been reading the novel “Flat Stanley”. We did freeze frames of different parts of the story in our groups in drama.

To celebrate Pancake Tuesday, we were so excited to eat some pancakes in class. They were yummy !!

We spent several weeks doing gymnastics in P.E.


We partnered up with 5th class to create Anti-bullying posters. We came up with some great slogans ! 

We have been spending several weeks practising some skills in Uni-hoc in P.E.

We have been learning about lots of different festivals over the last few weeks in Learn Together such as Diwali,Hanukkah and Christmas. Take a look at some of our beautiful artwork.


We did a scavenger hunt looking for materials in our school grounds.

We are learning violin with Karen every Monday.We loved the harvest festival in the hall. We tasted lots of yummy food like pasta and tomato sauce and apple crumble with custard.

We learned about card games in history. Eva taught us how to play a card game called Go Fish.

We did a lava lamp experiment during STEM week.